Repairs and Reconditioning Service.


We are more than happy to repair or refinish your jewellery should you feel it needs some TLC.
We can restore finishes, remove scratches, and repair any broken pieces. Simply contact us with details of your request and we will quote you for the necesary work:

Tel: 0044 1273 583485 or Email:

We are happy to work not only on our own designs but also on any other jewellery that needs restoring to its original state.

And if things are just too far gone then please consider our:


Rejuvenation and Recycling Service.

Create new from old by ‘upcycling and rejuvinating’ old unused jewellery.
We are more than happy, and would in fact actively encourage you to recycle old, broken or unwanted jewellery; thereby increasing the circulation of environmentally responsible recycled materials.
Precious metals can be repeatedly recycled and, with the aid of refining, at no degradation in quality (for example at least 15% of today’s annual gold consumption is recycled each year). A naturally renewable resource, some of the metal in your modern jewellery or wedding band could well have been mined in prehistoric times, or have been part of some priceless item belonging to ancient royalty!

Maybe you have some sentimental piece that you would like assimilated into a new design. We can alter and adapt old jewellery, incorporate parts of your original piece into a new design or remake the jewellery into something totally different melting or forging the original metals into the new piece.

The other option is to just scrap the old jewellery and put the value towards a new piece.

Whichever way you choose, believe me, we will have lots of fun designing your new jewellery. We will provide  images/ sketches for your approval pre commencing any work.

Please be aware that the value of your scrap metal will be considerably less then the jewellery’s original purchase price. This is because a significant amount of the cost of the jewellery is made up by other factors such as labour, manufacturing costs, overheads and profits, the value of all of which is lost when the item is recycled. Sat unloved in a drawer or cupboard, however, it is of no value at all!

We invite you to recycle silver, gold (any carat) and platinum items, the value of which will be based on the current scrap metal market price for the day on which the parcel is logged in. You will then receive 80% of that value, credited towards any ‘Annika Rutlin’ purchase, of equal or higher value.
The 20% discount from market covers administrative and refining costs.
We will contact you via email to inform you of the worth, pre refining, to confirm that you are happy to go ahead with recycling.
If you choose not to take our offer, the goods will be returned to you by insured delivery. The insurance cover will be at the value offered you, and the cost of any extra cover, should you request, it will be at your own expense.

Any stones, diamonds or other materials will be returned to you, or can be reused in a new design.

No responsibility will be taken for the quality, condition, damage or lose of any stones within any parcel sent to us or any damage that occurs when resetting. This is because we will not take responsibility for the quality and attributes of materials not directly sourced by ourselves.
We will gladly test your metal and stones to check the authenticity of diamonds, but will not be held responsible if the material is not what you believed it to be, or the ­rock that you thought was a real diamond turns out to be synthetic! Please check our Recycling terms and disclaimer.

We recommend that you use a ‘signed for’ insured delivery service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery when sending your items, and please remember to enclose details of the parcel together with your name, address and contact details. We cannot take responsibility for non delivery of any parcels sent to us so please do use a signed for service which means you can track and trace your package.
Print off the Rejuvination form, sign it and send it together with your parcel.

Recycling and Rejuvination Terms & Disclaimer

We applaud recycling wherever possible and would encourage you to breath new life into old metals and stones.
At the same time we cannot take responsibility for materials not supplied by ourselves and whose provenance is unknown to us.
As we cannot guarantee their quality or properties, all customer stones are set at their own risk and we do not accept responsibility for any damage that may occur during the manufacture process.
We guarantee to use the actual stones sent to us, but take no responsibility for their authenticity or integrity. Set diamonds will be tested pre removal from their mounts.
Any metals sent to us will be tested and the customer informed of their type and worth. Again, we will not accept liability should a metal not turn out to be as the customer believed, for example a rhodium plated silver ring may initially look like Platinum (though its weight will differ significantly), but it is still only a silver ring and valued accordingly.
We would like to reassure you that we will take the utmost care with any materials forwarded to us and will keep you fully informed of your options to the best of our ability.