Shop from our lovely selection of stud earrings in a variety of sizes and styles  - perfect for work, a subtle touch to an outfit, or for a sleek, close, crisp look.



Forged from an endless loop of sterling silver, these infinity style stud earrings have been forged to create the perfect symbol and token of love and appreciation. Approximately 12mm in size these earrings are all individually hand wound and we...
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Ixion stud earring - XE15
Sold singularly, this 6mm square stud has a simplistic weather beaten shape with masculine appeal. Part of the Ixion Collection; perfect jewellery for those preferring a more rugged look.
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Alphabet stud earrings ALSE
Alphabet collection sterling silver stud earrings approx. 7mm square in size (although this does vary slightly for broader or taller letters), available as a mix or match option, making it possible to buy any combination of letters, numbers or symbols...
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ME20 Monsoon Earring studs
A pair of 12mm plain tear drop shaped studs. These earrings have a gorgeously sensuous, bulbous droplet shape and are the ideal size for those wanting serene but noticeable stud earrings. Smart enough to wear daytime to the most prestigious...
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ME21 Monsoon Earring Studs
A pair patterned tear drop shaped studs, featuring three whirling patterns rising up from an oxidised background within an attractive droplet shape. At 12mm in size these studs ar a lovely noticeable size yet an easy size for everyday wear....
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ME23 reversible Monsoon Earring Drop Studs
A pair of fantastically versatile patterned tear drop shaped drop stud earrings. These reversible earrings feature a tripple tendril whirling pattern, rising up from an oxidised background within an attractive droplet shape, on one side and a plain bulbous droplet...
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Leather & silver square silver stud earrings Annika Rutlin
Simply stylish, these rough textured sterling silver studs have a central square of leather, exhibiting unusual, rugged, mixed media charm. Materials: oxidised sterling silver, leather centre Finish:  polished Approx. dimensions: 5mm square Weight: 1.2 grams total (0.6g each) Dispatch: within...
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