Jewellery is like clothing – regardless of taste, we just don't all suit the same styles!

Body adornment in any form should work in synergy with you. It should compliment and flatter, and it is amazing how your body shape affects the way you carry your jewels....much as a beautiful frame can elevate artwork, a beautiful face can be illuminated when framed by well chosen jewellery.

Whilst there are, as always in life, exceptions and some people are super lucky and can enjoy the complete range, the following guidelines can be very helpful especially when choosing for someone else!
Thin Necks – shorter and rounder necklaces are generally more flattering, whilst long chains or v-shaped necklaces may exaggerate the effect or hang awkwardly. These lucky women often look stunningly chic in a choker.

Shorter Necks – on the other hand, should generally avoid chokers and instead wear pieces at least two inches below the collar bone thereby creating an illusion of greater length.

Thick Necks – larger, bolder pieces create impact especially a well fitting torque, whilst longer pieces will slim. Too short and attention is drawn to the thicker neck....not generally a complimentary look unless you are a body builder and do indeed want to emphasise this feature!

Bony Necks – softer and more flexible pieces will sit better on the body than sculpted, harder styles which may sit awkwardly, lacking the flexibility to mould into the angles of the neck and shoulders.

Think also about the clothing you are wearing the piece with; necklaces lying on a neckline can 'fight' with the clothing both physically and visually; V-necks will highlight a pendant; a solid curving piece echo a sweeping neckline; long chains look amazing with polar necks.

Is the piece more of a personal talisman that you want hanging under your clothing and close to your heart?

The following diagram gives a rough idea of where the different lengths of chain will hang on the average UK body....If you are smaller or larger than average you will have to adjust accordingly.

Handy jewellery chain length guide to illustrate where necklaces hang on the body


Remember also that a pendant will generally weigh down a slinky chain to a more v-shape, whilst a more rigid chain will hold a more curved form, sitting higher than the length initially suggests.

You can always use a bit of string to measure around your neck, laying it at the desired length and then using that measurement as a key.

The most popular UK lengths are;

Ladies: 16” and 18”

Men: 18” and 20”

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Your tips Share very helpful for me to choose jewerly that is good and quality. I like to read your other blogs. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge about Jewerly.


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