Whether Kin through familly ties or kindred spirits in life, celebrate that bond with Annika Rutlin's Kindred Collection. Inspired by the brth of Annika's first child the collection is made to represent the everlasting link created through love. Whilst including earrings and rings, the collection centres around a pendant consisting of 3 main elements or compatible parts that can be worn individually or compiled together in various combinations. (1) The 'Embrace; representing arms that lovingly envelope the rest of the piece whilst hugging a gem. (2) The Body; symbolising the human form, or mother figure, that in turn cocoons the swaying stones representing either important people or emotions. (3) The Beloved; Specifically chosen gemstone drops that playfully dangle and frolic securely in the centre of the piece, telling a tale of personal history and character, or providing protection and well wishes.



Sorry, this collection is not quite ready! Email us if you wish to be kept informed.