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Getting clean jewellery is easy… and doesn’t require harsh chemicals!

The reasons for tarnish and how to care for your silver. One of the things we love about sterling silver is the natural patina that a well-loved piece gradually acquires;...

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Cairns: Caught between art appreciation and my Norwegian sides common sense!

It seems such an inherent part of my childhood – stacking stones...building towers...challenging myself to create a stack higher and more beautiful then the one before. My childhood summers in...

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Inai Jewellery Collection. The sterling leather knot of friendship & strength.

Inspiration behind the collection - Inai means 'a hidden solution within' in Japanese and this new silver leather combo collection is one that Annika feels epitomizes truely positive forces in...

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Spring brings rejuvination and hope, so when it comes to your jewellery adorn yourself like a goddess

The source of inspiration for jewellery designs can be many. From a single prompt to an amalgamation of a series of historic ideas or a subconscious gathering of imprints from...

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