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Atomic number 47... What is it and do you love it too?

How could you fail to love something created by Supernovae? As smaller stars explode they produce this greyish white metal we now recognise as silver and from which it is...

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The quality of symbolism.

Those of you that know my work well will be familiar with my recurring use of the triangular form – specifically a wider based version of the Reuleaux triangle: it...

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Love tokens and isolation; why not send sentimental silver to spread some joy!

So, how’s everybody doing now the structure of life has changed? Are you holding up? Struggling? Inspired? Changing your outlook on life? Annika Rutlin jewellery is still open during Covid-19...

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Inspired by the Deity of Universal Compassion; The Goddess Tara silver and white sapphire collection

It's funny how new interests come into your life - introducing fresh focus and inspiration. Discovering yoga has made me so happy! Not only has it re-energised my body but...

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