Annika Rutlin working with regreener to plant trees for a better future

We are super proud to now be working with regreener in support of green initiatives, by regreening the planet and stimulating biodiversity, whilst capturing CO2.
Every sale made on the Annika Rutlin website will immediately trigger a contribution to support effective ways to compensate carbon emissions by replanting a tree, supporting rainforest protection, green energy and renewables, plus research and development.

We are impressed with their efforts so far...

Regreener stats on tree planting and environmental impact 8th March 2022

(Figures dated 8th March 2022)

Find out more about their work and projects:

Annika Rutlin jewellery supports regreener in tree planting projects

Annika Rutlin jewellery supports replanting the planet with regreener

Annika Rutlin jewellery supports regreener with a tree planted for every sale made

Are you interested in making further personal contributions?
Then check out their LINK HERE for individual plans.

Looking forward to planting trees together!

Annika Rutlin