Message her again... She probably just forgot how much you love her! - Annika Rutlin

Message her again this Valentines... She probably just forgot how much you love her!

For centuries jewellery has been used as a means of denoting power, wealth and status, often through the use of traditional materials such as gold and diamonds, and there is no denying that these reasons still exist.

Recently, however, there has been an explosion of desire for new self-expression and communication through this art form. In a world where
individuals often define their lives through publically displayed imagery on social media, words fade in importance and visual signals dominate.
Interpretations of luxury, hit by a curve ball, are demarcated by experiences (Whitewater rafting in Nepal), emotions and the ability to display these feelings visually.
Past, present and future desires and ideas can be beautifully captured
and communicated through jewellery; from vintage to modern creations.
Photo-sharing networking is the latest revolution with most of its users
on these platforms daily. So, with Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest
and Facebook having taken the internet by storm, invest in jewellery
that sends the right message!

Annika Rutlin Amitie heart collection. High quality, designer, bold solid silver curved heart jewelry in solid sterling silver

Bold and beautiful heart jewellery quickly conveys the meassage 'I am loved' to the wearer and audience alike; symbolic of loving life, being loved and strength in emotion. And lets face it we all feel stronger and more energetic when bolstered by love and support!

Annika Rutlin Endless Love silver jewellery collection. A subtle twist on the classic infinity symbol emerges as a conspicious symbol of love.

Looking to make sense of love and shape it?

A subtle twist on the classic infinity symbol emerges as a conspicuous symbol of love.

The Endless Love collection boasts beautiful bracelets, bangles, earrings and a ring design that send a heart felt message of love....No words required!

As all work is made in-house at Annika Rutlin's studio on England's south coast we are often also able to make adapt and personalise designs. For example, why not add a diamond for that special sparkle of desire!

And we always do our best to help out customers who have left their ordering a bit late!

 Happy Valentine's Day!


2022 © Annika Rutlin -all jewellery designs shown here are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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Jeweller designer and maker Annika Rutlin has over 30 years at the bench and a wealth of experience creating customer's dream pieces. Her designs are guided by a unique sense of balance and proportion.

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