The quality of symbolism by Annika Rutlin jewellery

Those of you that know my work well will be familiar with my recurring use of the triangular form – specifically a wider based version of the Reuleaux triangle: it even forms part of my logo!

 Annika Rutlin jeweller logo

Logo's derive their meaning from the quality of the things they symbolise, not the other way around – logos are there to identify, not to explain

It is a shape that I am strongly drawn to and inspired by…

To me it instantly conveys the strength of a triangle with the softness of a circle:

Balanced harmony in a cushioned geometric form!

For those of you wondering what a Reuleaux triangle is:

Reuleaux triangle

The Reuleaux triangle, sometimes referred to as a spherical triangle, may be constructed either directly from the intersection of three circular disks, each having its centre on the boundary of the other two, or by rounding the sides of an equilateral triangle

I was thinking about why this form is so attractive to me...

Triangles are special because they are exceptionally strong. Out of all the two-dimensional shapes we can make out of straight struts of metal, only a triangle is rigid. All other shapes can be deformed with a simple push if the shape is hinged at the corners.

 Reuleaux triangle shaped silver jewellery by Annika Rutlin

Strength and resiliance are important to me...but also inspiration and imagination.

I was once told that the triangle represents the concept of feet on the earth, heart in heaven 

Does the wider base of many of my designs mean I am more earth-bound or just pretty darn stable? Who knows but I like to believe I am fairly grounded but drawn to adventure....

 Annika Rutlin Idun jewelelry on world map background

Upward facing triangle: A strong foundation, stability and symbolises ascension towards the worlds of creative fire: aspiration.

A downwards pointing triangle: associated with the focus on the physical realm and engagement in active manifestation. persistence and dedication”.   

Much of my jewellery is free moving, such as the triangular beads of the Idun collection, to represent the constant interaction of these. Just like a circle, this curved triangle has a constant width when rotated it in any direction.

 Idun 18 carat gold diamond necklace and earrings by Annika Rutlin

Triangles are of course associated with the prime number 3: thought to be magical representing, amongst other things, luck! Have you ever used the term “third time’s a charm”?

Isadore triangular gemstone gold diamond rings by annika rutlin (Well these two matching engagement rings were very lucky for two female clients of mine whose love still runs strong and true)

 The triangle also symbolises a dynamic force of creation - Creative Spirit.

Or 'spirits' in the case of commissioned pieces such as the bangle below made at the request of a customer wishing to combine the 'Idun' and 'Everlasting Love' collections with the inherent symbolism these convey.

combination everlasting love and idun collection commissioned silver jewellery piece by Annika Rutlin

The triangle carries a rich inheritance of symbolism from ancient wisdom, mystic-ness, an energetic gateway, the holy trinity, spirit, inspiration and optimism, plus the sacred feminine and masculine energies

 Annika Rutlin Idun Collection unisex triangular pendant in solid silver

 In the current era of “New Age” the number 3 is often associated with the unity of

the three planes of existence which we experience in our journey of human consciousness.

  • Mind: the mental plane
  • Body: the physical plane 
  • Spirit or Soul: the astral plane

The power of three is also considered “the magic number” because it is the number of manifestation representing thoughts, emotions and actions.

Each has a knock-on effect with the other. Thoughts and emotions ultimately control your actions. Your actions – and the amount and type of energy you put into them (positive/negative) – determine the outcome you physically experience in your life.

Annika Rutlin solid silver and diamond jewellery collection

To say the triangle is one of the chief esoteric symbols of ancient sages is an understatement. It was used to explain how to manifest things in your life – so is arguably the most important of all esoteric symbols. This is why the number three appears in virtually every ancient myth or religious scripture you read.

It is said that when you understand the esoteric meaning of the triangle, you are part of the way to understanding the meaning of life.

So… is that what I am constantly searching for in my designs??

xxx Annika

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  • Krystal Roberts: November 10, 2022

    I loved reading the symbolism behind the triangle in your blog. Thank you so much, you have helped me with the branding project I am busy with! :)

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