Unusual unique designer jewellery solid silver torc necklace bracelet by Annika Rutlin


The source of inspiration for jewellery designs can be many.

From a single prompt to an amalgamation of a series of historic ideas or a subconscious gathering of imprints from life.

Having visited the amazing island of Gotland in Sweden almost every summer for the annual family gathering, this island has had a great impact of Annika Rutlin's jewellery designs.

It was on Gotland  that the world's largest Viking silver treasure was discovered, The Spillings Hoard, as well as an array of other Viking finds. It is also the place to visit for Viking picture stones (Bildstenar), stone circles, ship settings and stone cairns.

Named after the Norse goddess of Spring and rejuvenation.

The forms of the Idun jewellery collection are inspired by the proportions and angular shapes of Viking rune stones, such as those found in Fornsalen in the Gotland museum, and influenced by the symbols found on them, such as the triangular patterns of the Valknut.

sterling silver viking inspired jewellery by designer Annika Rutlin

It seemed appropriate to name the collection after Idun, the keeper of the magic apples of immortality which were eaten by the Norse gods in order to preserve their youth, with the apple shape being reflected in the forged circular links and round hollow areas in the designs of this jewellery range.

 And you know what they say ... An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Sounds like a good excuse to buy more from the Idun Collection to me!

Create beautiful jewellery from your unwanted jewellery!

 Another form of rejuvenation is of course the recycling and upcycling of old or broken jewellery and Annika Rutlin provides just such a bespoke service.

Old metals can be melted down and reworked, transformed into new designs, and stones or diamonds removed and reset in new pieces. Why have precious jewellery materials stuffed away unloved when they can be used to create something wonderful and personal to you.... just look at some of the examples below;

old sentimental gold jewellery melted down to create new wedding rings by Annika RutlinThis couple amalgamated some of their old jewellery to create their wedding rings in a symbolic uniting of their pasts to celebrate a shared future. One band intentionally rugged, the other smooth to reflect their tastes, but linked in style by the same profile shape and the kindred princess cut of stone (diamond and emerald).


from outdated gold ring to contemporary diamond pendant and studs... upcycling jewellery by Annika RutlinThis customer never wore her inherited old fashioned gold ring so we melted it down, reusing the metal and diamonds to create some gorgeous studs and a matching pendant that she can now wear every day.


sentimental wedding rings joined to create a multi banded single ring with Annika Rutlin's jewellery upcycling serviceIn this commission, using sentimental old wedding rings, the wider band was split in two and the resulting four rings forged and soldered together to create a gorgeous wavy multi band ring. We love the colour contrast of the platinum against the 22-carat yellow gold band which, being a softer metal, is now nestled between and therefore protected from wear by the outer rings.


Using this customers grandparents gold wedding rings and chain, Annika created this modern bespoke signet ring for the ultimate in memoriam piece.

So if you are looking to rejuvinate/ upgrade/ update/ upcycle your old jewellery then why not contact Annika Rutlin.

tel: 01273 583485

e: info@annikarutlin.com

Or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated about new ideas, collections and commissions.






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Meet the Author

Jeweller designer and maker Annika Rutlin has over 30 years at the bench and a wealth of experience creating customer's dream pieces. Her designs are guided by a unique sense of balance and proportion.

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