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At Annika Rutlin we love to be inspired by, and investigate, the bountiful spectrum of different shapes within our world of jewellery!

Look for Circles Day, always celebrated on November the 2nd, honours the shape of the circle; a form with no beginning or end. Why not use this occasion as the opportunity to give an 'out of the blue' yet extremely meaningful jewellery gift.

This universal symbol represents the infinite nature of energy, wholeness and unity, perhaps just some of the reasons why the Egyptians began using the ring as a symbol of eternal love and devotion...the basis for the wedding ring!

Annika Rutlin designer jewellery ring commissions - designed and made to order Examples of rings designed by and commissioned from Annika Rutlin

 A circle can be viewed as a shield for those standing within; a symbol of protection and in the words of Irish poet, author and priest John O'Donohue "A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen."

 When drawn with a dot in it's centre it becomes the astrological symbol representing the sun; one of the themes behind Annika's Solstice Collection.

 Annika Rutlin silver jewelry Solstice collection Machu Picchu sun stone carving

The Chinese translate the circle as a symbol of heaven, with the square representing the earth. Heaven on Earth is just the way we like to describe Annika Rutlin's Cirque du Carre jewellery Collection where circles and squares interplay to create effortless beauty.

Choose between a silky satin or a glossy polished finish to suit your look and skin tone.

Annika Rutlin geometric circle square sterling silver designer jewellery necklace blog



All designers love to play with shapes and which jeweller wouldn't be drawn to the goals of the Alchemists who sought to change base metals into fine gold through the use of the philosophers stone?

The symbol for this stone again involves the interplay of circles and squares; the Cosmos, Material and Spiritual Worlds.

image of the symbolism represented on the Philosophers stone

Enlightenment is said to be achieved when the centre, or heart of the largest circle (the Cosmos) and the heart of the small circle (the human mind) unite, and balance between the spiritual world and the material world (symbolised by the square) is reached.
The Philosophers' stone was also viewed as a substance that could cure illness and grant eternal youth. Great design possesses it's own form of immortality... wear it and experience the powerful influence it can have on your life.
Exploration into all of these ideas translated into a smooth, timeless jewellery that Annika hopes will bring eternal happiness to the wearer.
Why not encircle the one you love with a piece of this beautiful jewellery? 
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