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After a bit of a false start with 2018, plagued by technical difficulties (2 printers dying, laptop touch screen playing up, internet dropping out for prolonged periods and managing to lock myself out of my phone) plus sliding resolutions, I've decided to mentally start my new year again in the happy love filled month of February.

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So armed with my newly groomed dog (can totally recommend The Dog Grooming Boutique in Brighton) and my favourite new tea, Alisham Cream (Alisham Jin Xuan) from Mei Leaf on Camden High Street in London, the Chinese New Year will mark the start of new motivation and resolutions I intend to achieve - 2018 is already set to be an action packed year.

Inspiration dog for chinese year of the dog 2018 silver jewellery collection by Annika utlinYear of the dog sketch by Annika Rutlin with chinese herbal tea

Nothing beats good company and a cup of tea to get the creative juices flowing when sketching!

So why does the Chinese New Year fall on a different date then the Western New Year?

Unlike the Gregorian, where new year is observed on January 1st in most parts of the world, the Chinese calendar is based on the movements of the moon and is linked to the Chinese zodiac – 12 animals all ascribed to a new year. The actual New Year date therefore fluctuates, usually falling between January 21 and February 20.

Every new year is celebrated under the next consecutive sign and every 12 years is considered a complete cycle.

16th February 2018 - 4th February 2019 marks the year of the dog (which I'm taking as a positive sign - I do so love dogs after all!) The Year of the Dog is the second to last in the current cycle.

Following on from last years Year of the Rooster Collection this Year of the Dog Collection will be particularly apt as gifts for dog lovers and babies born in the current year, as well as those born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

Annika Rutlin designer jewellery silver Year of the Dog 2018 jewellery collection

 Don't forget these pieces also make a great alternative Valentine's gift as a way of marking this specific year - feeling that February love again!



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