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One major thing that jewellery does more successfully than anything else is to convey or carry sentiment, and Annika Rutlin's 'Missing U' sterling silver jewellery collection may well hold the emotional message you are wishing to channel.

Annika Rutlin sentimental token silver designer missing you jewellery

As the summer warmth leaves us and autumn encroaches, many parents find their 'children' leaving home to go on to further education or exciting adventures of their own. Whilst some may revel in the thought of having the house back to themselves, others soon find there is a 'gap' and a, perhaps quite unexpected, sense of loss... the empty nest syndrome.

Help is available both in terms of advice and in a symbolic form.

missing u jewelry sentimental memorial token silver designer jewellery

Maybe summer held a fleeting encounter of love or a tragic loss.....

Objects imbibed with memories can give us something to hold onto unlike anything else our minds can conjure or find comfort in. This is not a new development; cultures that have suffered loss have more totems.

Jewellery creates a positive trigger to celebrate and take solace from your recollections, giving an ability not only deal with grief, or loss, but to remember it with fondness and amity.

Annika Rutlin's Missing U collection features the complete alphabet minus the crucial letter represented either by a powerfully intentional gap or replaced by a meaningful diamond.

As all the work is made in-house we are also able to substitute the diamond with any stone of your choice...perhaps a birth stone or a favourite gem. Simply contact Annika with your request:

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Jeweller designer and maker Annika Rutlin has over 30 years at the bench and a wealth of experience creating customer's dream pieces. Her designs are guided by a unique sense of balance and proportion.

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