So, how’s everybody doing now the structure of life has changed?

Are you holding up?



Changing your outlook on life?

Annika Rutlin jewellery is still open during Covid-19 lockdown, but life is certainly not the same.

The whole Covid-19 situation, whilst facing people with similar restrictions, must be providing them with vastly differing experiences.

I know I am super lucky – I have a garden, can walk miles from my house without seeing anyone, can move, can breathe, develop and create!

I feel for the claustrophobic confinement of inner-city dwellers… but maybe that is not how they experience it at all! Who am I to make such assumptions based on my own perceptions?

One thing that many seem to agree on is that the whole bizarre scenario has made people stop and think – reassess – appreciate what is important to them and maybe even change their whole way of life.

We are lucky that we can still stay in contact with loved ones – even see and interact with them via Skype / Zoom etc. - have weekly game sessions with grandparents such as Yatzy, Scattergories & Bingo.

Ironically, we have found that, despite this ability to connect directly, the most fun thing is to connect indirectly. 

I am sure I am not the only one that loves to give and receive gifts via the post – our postal delivery guys tell us they have been busier than Christmas since the lockdown began (keep up the good work guys) and no wonder. Whilst a great deal of this is obviously due to shopping on-line for essentials, I think there is also a massive increase in the sending of uplifting and meaningful gifts – surprise messages of love and support to bolster moods and spread happiness!

I can highly recommend sending some brownies from ‘The Cornish Cake Fairy’ Lisa Issberner (Facebook @Thecornishcakefairy) if you want to brighten someone’s day with the best, and I mean truly THE BEST, chocolate brownies in the world.

Jewellery is a superb medium for this of course and I know that many of our recent website orders have been sent as a talisman, a love token or vehicle for a little secret symbolic message.

Here are some options that have been proving popular of late:


United Collection: LINK HERE

Large interlocking bangles United collection Annika Rutlin

The designs of the United Collection are made up of interlinked circles: highly representative as a symbol for life whilst denoting love and support. A strong tribute to the inter-connectiveness of our lives, the importance of strong relationships and the unbreakable bonds that love can forge.

Endless Love Collection: LINK HERE

Endless Love collection the ultimate love jewellery based on infinity symbol

Based on the Infinity symbol the Endless Love Collection is forged from an endless loop of silver forged into a heart shape. A simple and timeless symbol of love that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Remember that because all the designs from Annika Rutlin are handmade in-house they can be adapted to suit your requirements.

For example: The following large torc Endless Love Collection necklace was a wonderful heart-based commission and declaration of love.

 Annika Rutlin Endless love infinity symbol forget silver heart torc large bold necklace

Inai Collection: LINK HERE

Inai knot of affection mens silver and leather designer jewelry by Annika Rutlin

And don’t forget men can hugely appreciate talismanic symbolism too!

The knot is an ancient symbol of love, friendship, and affection and here the knot symbolises Inai; a solution hidden within.


Year of the Rat: LINK HERE

Year of the rat 2020 sterling silver talismanic jewellery by Annika Rutlin

The Chinese Year of the Rat runs 2020-2021. A talismanic piece from this jewellery collection can be just the good luck token you need to escort you safely through the year.


Missing U: LINK HERE

And of course the ultimate Missing You token with the emblematic and ingenious 'Missing U' collection.

Gift jewellery missing you sterling silver pendants by jewellery designer Annika Rutlin


Wishing you all well.

Enjoy the clean skies and bird song!

Remember treating yourself is always a wonderful way to brighten your day!

For special dates do allow extra time as Postal Delivey times can vary and be longer than usual. Please let us know if a piece is urgent so we can review shipping options to ensure that your purchase arrives in time.

Warm regards


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