Looking for the perfect sentimental jewellery gift? Discover the Kindred birthstone range. - Annika Rutlin

Kindred - jewellery as a talismanic representation of the precious gems of your life...

Looking for the perfect sentimental occasion gift?


Mother's day, birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, leaving present or even self gift. Ideal for celebrating the birth of a child, or life in general, plus ideal for endowing good luck and great health, the Kindred collection was originally inspired  by the birth of Annika’s first child, (closely followed by her second) and the everlasting, unbreakable bond between mother and child.

Kindred comprises a comprehensive collection of 30+ gemstone droplets and parts that build to create jewellery pieces reflecting your own or loved ones personalities, bring talismatic good fortune and well being, or simply a colourfully stylish contemporary design utilising a wide range of semi and precious gemstones.
This range includes pendants, earrings and stackable rings and is available in silver as standard on the website and 18ct gold / platinum by request.

The Kindred Pendants

A complete pendant has three main elements or compatible parts, that can be worn individually or compiled together in various combinations.

Annika Rutlin Kindred gems of your life collection pendant explanation diagram

The Embrace;
Arms that lovingly envelop the rest of the piece, whilst securely hugging a gem

The Body;
Symbolising the human form or mother figure that in turn cocoons the swaying stones representing either important people or emotions

The Beloved;
Gem stones playfully dangle and frolic in the warmth and security of the body of the piece, telling their tale of personal history and character, or providing protection and well wishes

Three different sizes of pendant are available;
Small body (31mm x 12mm); holds up to two beloved droplets.
Medium body (31mm x 17mm); holds up to 3 beloved droplets
Large body (31mm x 23mm); holds up to 5 beloved droplets

Each part of the pendant can be chosen individually and then arrives complete.

The pendants are complimented by a range of stackable rings, earrings and a bracelet design.

Annika Rutlin Kindred collection jewellery birthstone collection in silver and semi-precious gems

This range provides a jewellery collection that can grow with you as you can enhance pieces by adding new attachments to represent a variety of events, such as a growing familly, new loves, and sentiments, or simply to achieve a new luck or protection.
The rings are wonderfully stackable and the only restriction on the number used is the length of the finger!

A range to celebrate all relationships, connections and emotions through its versatility and wide variety of gemstones, a comprehensive information listing is available on our website. Click HERE for further info detailing zodiac gemstones, monthly natal stones, Indian planetary gemmology, anniversary stones, acrostics, gems of countries and the meanings of certain stones.


And as always we are here to help.

All work is handmade in our studio on the south coast of England.

Can't find the stone you desire?

Or want a brilliant cut rather than cabouchon gemstone?

No problem - we can adjust designs to make them extra specific to you... simply contact us!


Annika Rutlin

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Jeweller designer and maker Annika Rutlin has over 30 years at the bench and a wealth of experience creating customer's dream pieces. Her designs are guided by a unique sense of balance and proportion.

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