What do you buy for that creative artist in your life?... Well, having just celebrated a wonderful birthday with the people I love, and feeling truly spoilt, I thought it might be useful to share the gifts that brought a twinkle to my eye and warmed my heart.

Why 8? Maybe just because it is a number which represents harmony. peace and creativity. So here they are...

1. Wool!!!
    It is so wonderful to create in a completely different medium - instead of hard metals which require a flame to soften, hammers to forge and polish to brighten, this natural material offers a completely different outlet for creativity. This wonderfully soft wool is just begging to be transformed into a new piece of clothing. and look at these wonderful colours! Completely irresistible - I can't wait to get started. These particular shades are colour 783 "Brambleberry" and colour 560 "Jade JimJam" - Gorgeous ombre wools which are 60% cotton and made by one of my favourite wool brands: Scheepjes

2.  Tea / coffee mug
    A beautiful mug from which i will savour many a steaming warm beverage! Just what I need to keep me going in the workshop.
    Can you tell that I love ombre? This lovely design fades from a crisp white through green to blue - reminiscent of a snowy mountain scene rising to the sky. I LOVE every part of this design - from very bottom of the base to the rim touching my lips. It features the finest ceramics, capitivating colouring and quality glaze as well as a stylish and comfortable wooden handle.

3. Gingerbread
    If it's good enough for a king!...
When King Hans (who ruled Sweden, Norway and Denmark from 1497-1501) was suffering from stomache ache and a raging bad temper, his doctor prescribed spiced ginger thins (pepparkakor) as a cure. It worked, and since then folk lore asserts that gingerbread makes you happy - I wholeheartedly concur
    Pepparkakor from Ikea - about as swedish as you can get.

4. A good book is good - two are even better!
    I love featuring twists and turns in my jewellery and they are equally welcome in fiction. Håkan Nesser... one of my all-time favourite authors is a definite "Must Read". Camilla Läkberg.. also highly recommended!

5. Easy listening!
I love to immerse myself in a different world whilst I work. Audio books also allow for multi-tasking - so I am a big fan of listening to great stories as I beaver away at the bench. Marianne Cedervall will be a really special listen for me as her story is based on the island of Gotland; the heaven on earth where I I have spent all my summers since birth. I'm really looking forward to recognising parts of the island in her descriptions.

6. Chocolate
    In the words of Willy Wonka: [singing] If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it; want to change the world... there's nothing to it.
    This chocolate simply cannot make you feel guilty as it's supporting such a brilliant cause. Not just the perfect for little-old-chocaholic-me, but also for the charity it supports - I love this thoughtful gift.
ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a charity presenting the artistic talents of adults living with learning and physical disabilities who require varying levels of support. 100% of sales revenue sustains the charity, enabling it to grow and evolve.

7. A rock,
    Yup - a rock... Found on the beach in Brighton, this spherical beauty makes me so happy 🙂 It's such an appealing shape and it has already been designated as my sauna massager! Great for getting into knots and provide a deep tissue massage for tense muscles. Gifts like this are super special...

8. A new leather apron.
    Wonderfully soft leather in a blue-black colour (which also sparked a great conversation as to the colour indigo - how blue is that colour??? Or is it further along the purple scale??)
    Useful presents are always the best and this one will get daily use. A smart design with thoughtful touches such as tool loops and an adjustable neck. Can't wait to get back into the workshop to use this wonderful gift from Honefoss in Norway!
And what did I give my twin sister...jewellery of course!
A monkey pendant from the Year of the Monkey Collection.
Heads up... Next year is the Year of the Tiger so look out for the new tiger pieces that will be available in the new year!
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© Annika Rutlin -all jewellery designs shown here are copyrighted by Annika Rutlin - All rights reserved.


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