Celebrated in both mid summer and mid winter the Solstice inspired Annika to create a circular styled silver jewellery collection celebrating the amazing power of the sun.

The summer sun brings us warmth and love...Stay out late and shine on the longest day of the year wearing a jewel to bring you joy.
The Winter Solstice marks the end of increasing darkness and the beginning of a return to light. The Solstice Collection celebrates this rebirth of hope and happiness, and the soft tranquil designs embody the excellent quality of workmanship and finish for which Annika Rutlin has quite rightly become renowned. The perfect Christmas present!



Solstice torc necklace ON48T
Torc necklace with a pivot in the back for easy on and off, featuring 3 dangling modern circle shapes on one side and a flame like shape on the other side.
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Solstice ON47C-sil
3 sizes of modern circle shapes randomly strung together with different sized filed links and a matching, almost hidden, circle lobster clasp
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Solstice ON46C-sil
tiny modern circle shapes linked together with a small filed link and a matching toggle clasp, fantastic gift! This is the one she will wear forever! A timeless piece of jewellery.
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