We class pendants as a (single) hanging piece, either on a chain, leather, suede, rubber or ribbon, where the focus is on that part rather than the necklace as a whole.

Lovely on their own they can also be incredible effective when worn in numbers creating a gorgeous, layered, stacking effect.



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solid silver boar pendant by designer jeweller Annika Rutlin
A great talismanic gift to convey good fortune and luck in 2019 this sterling silver year of the Pig pendant looks amazing on the contrasting black leather thong featuring a silver catch. Also available on brown leather on request. Material:...
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solid slver lucky charm year of the pig designer jewellery pendant
A solid sterling silver Year of the Pig pendant on snake chain.... Pigs naturally have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune so help them to celebrate these wonderful traits with a lucky talisman pendant. This year 2019...
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