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circles of harmony and protection solid silver Annika Rutlin necklace
'Tara' Necklace A beautiful solid silver knife edge chain featuring 5 hanging carved circles. The number 5 is commonly referred to as the number of humanity. Human beings have five fingers, five toes, five appendages (if the head is included),...
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Goddess Tara Deity silver chain Necklace WTN53C
Deity Necklace In Sanskrit Deity refers to the "heavenly, divine, terrestrial things of high excellence, exalted, shining ones", and we hope that these words resonate with you when wearing your Deity necklace. A chain made up of knife edged links,...
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solid silver torc chain necklace by jewellery designer Annika Rutlin WTN52C
Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health.              Dalai Lama This sweeping silver necklace with its semi torc and part chain design was inspired by the importance of balancing a sense of calm with...
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Annika Rutlin circular white sapphire sunrise silver pendant on chain
A sunrise inspires; it energizes, it renews and it gives hope: Sentiments that we have tried to encapsulate in this 'Sunrise' pendant from Annika Rutlin's Goddess Tara Collection, with its sterling silver curve embracing a gorgeous high quality pure white sapphire....
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Annika Rutlin Focus sterling silver and white sapphire wishbone necklace
The 'Focus' necklace from Annika Rutlin's Goddess Tara Collection in sterling silver and set with a scintillating high quality white sapphire. A highly complimentary style of necklace that will flatter any neckline this design is beautifully crafted to reflect the sentiment...
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