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long length boho solid silver irregular pebble necklace by Annika Rutlin
Like a cascade of stepping stones this long random pebble necklace holds a tactile and natural attraction, looking especially fantastic worn with a dark top or layered with other shorter chains. The flat reverse of the pebbles provide suitable spaces...
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Cairn triple random pebble necklace CAS52
As in nature balanced irregularity carries its own natural beauty so this scattered necklace, with its crisp outlines and soft faceted surfaces, has an asymmetric allure. Three unevenly spaced flat pebble-like shapes linked by a trace chain creating a wonderfully...
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this solid silver boho chic pebble pendant by jeweller Annika Rutlin looks great layered
Drawn to the attractive softness of pebbles, Annika's Cairn collection emulates and celebrates this natural form, creating intrinsically tactile pieces that look fabulous stacked and layered. This is the larger version of the simple single Cairn pendant and has a...
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Cairn small pebble pendant on snake chain CAS40
Perfect for those looking for a simple and charming pendant, this soft flat pebble-like pendant captures that irresistably tactile feel of weather worn stones and, being hand made, each one has its own unique shape. pendant size approx 12mm x...
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