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Amitie pendant on snake chain ANH59PL
We love this Amitie Collection silver medium heart on snake chain. Heart jewellery carries a wonderfully romantic symbolism. A heart with a 'curved off to one side' bottom is known as  it is called the Luckenbooth heart in Scottish culture....
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Amitie heart diamond pendant on snake chain ANH59D3
Hearts are always a perfect gift to show sentimentality and love. This gorgeous solid silver medium heart pendant on snake chain, features three gorgeously sparkling diamonds to convey an extra special message of appreciation. Materials; solid sterling silver, Diamond G...
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Amitie Necklace ANH58
This large heart necklace from the Amitie Collection conveys great love and protection in a dramatic style. A heart with with its bottom curved to one side is also known as a Witches Heart,, originally worn as an amulet in...
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Amitie Necklace ANH57
Hearts make an amazing gift symbolising friendship, devotion, affection or romantic and enduring love. A fun solid silver stylised heart linked to an oval trace chain with a chunky forged jump ring to create a wonderfully playful piece from the...
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Amitie Necklace ANH56-u
This fantastic large heart pendant is reassurigly heavy and ergonomic, with a pebble-like smoothness to its styling. This large heart can be ordered on a variety of suede colours....more than those listed, so if you want a specific colour simply...
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Amitie Torc ANH54


  • Large 160mm x 140mm
  • Medium 145mm x 130mm
  • Small 130mm x 120mm
Love hearts? Looking for a seriously stunning statement piece? 5mm round wire torc with a lovely stylised solid silver hanging heart from Annika Rutlin's Amitie Collection. Annika has a real perchant for torcs and, with years of experience making them,...
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Amitie Necklace ANH52
Reflecting deep affection and love heart jewellery makes a wonderfully symbolic gift. This Amitie collection necklace has a beautifully simple design where the T-bar passes through the heart to create a featured clasp. Materials; solid sterling silver Approx dimensions; heart...
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Amitie heart diamond necklace ANH51
Some love is delicate and needs to be cherished... just like this sweet little pendant, set with a small high quality diamond, from Annika Rutlin's Amitie jewellery collection. Materials; solid sterling silver, Diamond G VS1 Approx dimensions; heart 11mm x...
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Amitie Necklace ANH50
A simple easy to wear plain tiny heart pendant on a fine trace chain. Materials; solid sterling silver Approx dimensions; heart 11mm x 9mm Delivery; generally posted within 3 days
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