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British Summer Time (BST) ends in just under 1 weeks time; the clocks will go back by one hour at 2am on Sunday 29th October  2017 as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) resumes.

Luckily, this means an extra hour in bed for most for us!

Many people believe Daylight Saving Time was created for the benefit of farmers, but it was originally adopted in 1916 in a bid to save on fuel (coal / electricity usage) during World War One with a secondary idea of minimising people wasting valuable daylight hours during the summer months.

Does BST affect animals... and when will the cock crow?

In actual fact it does affect pets and livestock by virtue of the fact that we have artificially altered their environment.

Just like humans, animals have an internal clock that tells them when to eat, sleep and wake up. Set in motion by natural sunlight, the effect of this biological timekeeper (also known as circadian rhythm) is minimized by the artificial environment in which they live; an environment in which light appears not with the rising sun but with the flip of a switch.

Traditionally used as a natural alarm clock heralding dawn, Roosters need to see the sun on a regular basis for their circadian rhythms to function properly.

Their crowing time will change but this has less to do with our clocks than the amount of light available to stimulate them; some appear just as confused as us humans, crowing randomly at any time!

This year is a special year for this particular bird as it is currently the Chinese Year of the Rooster

Annika Rutlin designer chinese year of the rooster silver jewellery pendant necklace

Annika Rutlin celebrates this occasion through the creation of a very special jewellery collection, marking not only this year but also acting as a talisman for those born in any of the Rooster years:

13th February 1945 - 1st February 1946 - Wood Rooster

31st February 1957  - 17th February 1958 - Fire Rooster

17th February 1969 - 5th February 1970 - Earth Rooster

23rd January 1993 - 9th February 1994 - Water Rooster

9th February 2005 - 28th January 2006 - Wood Rooster

28th January 2017 -  15th February 2018 - Fire Rooster

13th February 2029 - 2nd February 2030 - Earth Rooster

To keep the Chinese lunar calendar within half a month of the traditional solar calendar there are 13 months in year of the Rooster 2017/18, giving 384 days to enjoy a lucky talismanic piece of Rooster jewellery  2017.

AnnikDesigner sterling silver year of the rooster lucky talisman bracelets and pendant

Roosters find many excuses to crow; as a warning, in response to unusual stimuli or simply to celebrate luck. Sounds like a great excuse to treat yourself, or a Rooster friend, to their very own symbolic trinket!



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